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Parker MacDonell likes to think of himself as a modern-day Charles Ives. (Ives was an early twentieth century insurance executive who spent his evenings composing classical music. One of his best-known compositions called for two marching bands to march past each other playing music in two completely different keys and time signatures.) Instead of marching bands, Parker has been using his original songs, voice and acoustic guitar to communicate with audiences for thirty five years.

A veteran of the Los Angeles club scene and college student unions across the United States, Parker’s style has been compared with those of James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg and Loggins & Messina. His voice has been described as “soothing” and his live performances have been called “both funny and heart-felt.” He performed as the bass player for both Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley during his years in Los Angeles. He also opened concerts by Air Supply, Patty Larkin, Christine Lavin, Cheryl Wheeler, and the “Women in the Round” (Pam Tillis, Ashley Cleveland, Karen Staley and Tricia Walker) as a solo artist.
MacDonell released two albums on his indie label Fayerweather Records: Home to the Heart (1983) and Looking for You (1985.) He was named “Best New Artist of the Year” in 1983 by the listeners of Pete Fornatale’s Mixed Bag show on New York City radio station WNEW. He was also featured on Dick Cerri’s Radio Americana shows in the Washington, DC market. MacDonell helped to found Six String Concerts, a non-profit organization in Columbus, Ohio dedicated to presenting up-and-coming singer/songwriters in an intimate concert environment. Six String Concerts ( is in its 25th season and has presented over 125 concerts. He has an undergraduate degree in music, a graduate degree in management and twenty five years of experience as a financial-services industry executive. He has a “day job” as Managing Director of the Ohio TechAngel Funds.

Parker MacDonell brings years of life experience to the stage (but no marching bands!)


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