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September 07, 2008


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Josh Elstro

Hey Parker,

I'm not sure if you e-mailed me your blog address or if my dad just forwarded it to me, but I greatly appreciate you sharing the stories of these recordings! I love it when artists have liner notes like these for the whole recording and each individual song... especially when it's people I actually know.

It's a shame these are the only original recordings you've done, but I'm glad you're sharing them. Ever thought about investing a couple hundred bucks in some equipment and doing some more? It's cheap and all the rage these days!!!

Also, I'm working on a new album myself that I'm hoping to have done by Christmas time-ish. I'll let you know.

Roy Smoot

Thx for sharing your thoughts, heart, memories and passion for music.

Bradley Pagliaro

Hi, Parker,

I met you at a concert at Dartmouth College. The year may have been 1983. I still have an autographed copy of "I'm Headed Home." The inscription reads, "Keep writing, Brad !".

I did actually stop writing in 1988, but happily resumed again at mid year of 2010. And I'm glad to see that you didn't stop writing, either! To this day, I appreciate your encouragement.

Thank you so much for sharing the stories behind these songs. I was also interested to learn of your connection to Bob Bennett. His "First Things First" remains a magical album for me, and has recently been released in a 25th anniversary edition,

Please keep on showing us how it's done! Your gift can never be replaced.

One day, I'll share this music with my son -- also named Parker -- who is now 11 . Another of my boys, Michael, is 19 now and just beginning to try his hand at songwriting. Between your example and my own, I hope he will have a positive experience.

Best Wishes !

-Brad (D '85)

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