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August 23, 2012


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Anne Johnson Randolph

Hi Parker!
A voice from the past. Hey, I like your new CD, especially "Prayers for My Father" - this one is really gorgeous in every way, it's so poetic, so expressive with a beautiful melody. Congratulations on a CD that is full of variety, sure to give folks lots of enjoyment for a long time. Your voice is wonderful, and surely I believe that you sang each song - I hear YOU!!
Jim Leonard and I look forward to hearing you sing soon. What is it about these singer-songwriters from Lima?!

Joe Hendrickson

Parker- fantastic songs!

Carol Davis

Speedy - how could anyone NOT recognize your voice?! I've only listened to three songs so far, but I really like them. There's something about "Prayers for My Father" that reminds me a lot of the first song I heard you sing - "Kristina's Lullabye" - perhaps just the emotion. I'm glad you are still following your dreams and not "just" being a practical banker. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest and getting the CD. We still have the others!

Carl W in TN

Major congratulations on the new album, Parker! The electric guitars on the first two tracks really threw me ... was this really you? Then I read about Joe DB and the others involved in the recording.

I recognize your voice ... it has a clarity - even young and vibrant. Kind of like Tom Waits, except the complete opposite.

Jim Steinwedell

Parker- many many years have passed between us! This is Jim Steinwedell (class of 1980 from La Canada, CA - glad to hear the new album- you sound great (and the musicianship is tremendous! I just pulled out my vinyl of Home to the Heart and fired up the turntable (last used 1980 in Hanover!) sounds great still- even with more yesterday's than tomorrows! Blessings!

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